(TITLE 30)



ZONE CHANGE FIRST EXTENSION OF TIME to reclassify 48.0 acres from C-1 (Local Business) Zone, C-2 (General Commercial) Zone, H-1 (Limited Resort and Apartment) Zone, M-D (Designed Manufacturing) Zone, and M-1 (Light Manufacturing) Zone to H-1 (Limited Resort and Apartment) Zone in the MUD-1 Overlay District for a 585 foot high, 2,500 room resort hotel with all accessory and incidental uses.

USE PERMITS for the following: 1) an expansion of the gaming enterprise district; 2) a 44 story, 2,500 room resort hotel; 3) increase the building heights; 4) public areas including casino areas, shopping/retail, meeting areas, showrooms/lounges, theatres, recreational areas, arcade areas, restaurants, outside dining areas, live entertainment, and a convention center; 5) all associated back-of-house areas, central plant, incidental and accessory uses; and 6) deviations to development standards.

DEVIATIONS for the following: 1) permit an encroachment into airspace; 2) reduce on-site parking; and 3) permit all other deviations as depicted per plans on file.

DESIGN REVIEW for a resort hotel including low-rise, mid-rise and high-rise buildings and all associated buildings and structures.

Generally located on northwest corner of Tropicana Avenue and Dean Martin Drive (formerly known as Industrial Road) within Paradise. SB/am/dr




APN: 162-20-403-001, 004, & 006; 162-20-402-001-003, 006, & 008; 162-20-410-001-003, & 006 thru 012; 162-20-411-001-005, & 008 thru 011


1. Permit an expansion/enlargement of the gaming enterprise district.

2. Permit up to a 44 story, 2,500 room resort hotel with three hotel elements (a high-rise, bungalow tower, and a specialty mid-rise tower).

3. Increase building heights up to 585 feet where 100 feet is permitted.

4. Permit public areas including casino areas, shopping/retail, meeting areas, showrooms/lounges, lounges, theatres, recreational areas, arcade areas, restaurants, outside dining areas, live entertainment, and a convention center.

5. Permit all associated back-of-house areas, central plant, incidental, and accessory uses.

6. Permit deviations to development standards.


1. Permit an encroachment into airspace.

2. Reduce on-site parking to 6,550 parking spaces where 8,039 parking spaces are required (an 18.5% reduction).

3. Permit all other deviations as depicted per plans on file.




Project Description

This request is for an extension of time for a zone change with associated use permits, deviations, and a design review that approved the development of a new resort hotel on this site. According to the applicants justification letter, the extension of time is necessary because the applicant deferred construction of this project in favor of other high priority projects in the County (e.g. Red Rock Station), and also due to corporate reorganization.

Prior Land Use Requests

UC-1683-06 was approved by the Board of County Commissioners to allow for a public utility station and power lines. VS-0753-05 was approved by the Planning Commission in June 2005 for the vacation of portions of rights-of-way and government patent easement. There are existing uses on the site that includes a resort hotel (Wild Wild West), an office/warehouse development, a fast food restaurant, and a freight line parking and storage facility.

Surrounding Zoning and Land Use

The surrounding properties are zoned and developed with commercial and industrial land uses. To the north are M-1 zoned office/warehouse complexes and an approved mixed-use development (ZC-0897-03 and NZC-0598-04). To the west and south across Tropicana Avenue are developed C-1, H-1, M-D, and M-1 zoned land uses including the Gold Rush Resort Hotel approved by action of UC-0736-04 in August 2004. East across Dean Martin Drive is an M-D zoned fast food restaurant, and farther east across the I-15 are H-1 zoned resort hotels.


The applicant shall demonstrate that the proposed request meets the goals and purposes of Title 30.


Current Planning

The Winchester/Paradise Land Use Plan was adopted in August 2005, subsequent to this non-conforming zone change request. The designation of these parcels was changed to Commercial Tourist which makes this request conforming to the Winchester/Paradise Land Use Plan. This site is adjacent to the Interstate 15 right-of-way and very close to the Las Vegas Strip, which is the main tourist and gaming corridor, and because this is a first extension of time, staff can support the request. Staff is also requesting that the applicant provide a pedestrian realm along public and private street frontage areas in order to separate pedestrian and vehicular traffic, and for aesthetic enhancement of the site. Since the time this project was originally approved, the County has implemented a development agreement process for High Impact Projects. This application meets the threshold for a High Impact Project; therefore, staff is adding a condition of approval that the applicant enters into a Development Agreement with Clark County.

Staff Recommendation


If this request is approved, the Board and/or Commission finds that the application is consistent with the standards and purpose enumerated in the Comprehensive Plan, Title 30, and/or the Nevada Revised Statutes.


Current Planning

Remove the time limit and staff to prepare an ordinance to adopt the zoning;

Until November 3, 2010 to commence the use permits, deviations, and design review;

A development agreement as agreed upon by the applicant to mitigate impacts of the project including but not limited to issues identified by the technical reports and studies; and issues identified by the Board of County Commissioners;

Applicant to provide a pedestrian realm along public and private street frontages;

All applicable standard conditions for this application type.

Applicant is advised that any change in circumstances or regulations may be justification for the denial of an extension of time.

Civil Engineering

Compliance with previous conditions.




APPLICANT: Vista Holdings, LLC

CONTACT: Greg Borgel, 300 S. Fourth Street #1500, Las Vegas, NV 89101

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