TEMPORARY BATCH PLANT las vegas Blvd s/riviera blvd

(TITLE 30)




USE PERMIT for a temporary batch plant on a portion of 21.0 acres in an H-1 (Limited Resort and Apartment) Zone in the MUD-1 Overlay District.

Generally located on the east side of Las Vegas Boulevard South, 1,000 feet north of Riviera Boulevard within Winchester. CG/dk/dr





162-09-602-001 ptn




Project Description

The plans depict an off-site temporary batch plant to be used during the construction of the Fontainebleau Resort Hotel located on the adjacent lot to the south. The Fontainebleau site has an approved use permit, UC-1591-04, for a temporary batch plant originally used for the construction of Turnberry Place, which has been extended by UC-1591-04 (ET-0288-06) to be used for the construction of the resort hotel. Due to certain parameters of construction for the resort hotel, the applicant is requesting to establish a new temporary batch plant at the northwest corner of the subject property. The plans depict temporary machinery and structures at an approximate height of 50 feet and office trailers to be used by construction workers. Trucks will access the plant through an entrance along Paradise Road and maneuver on-site using an existing paved parking lot. A screen fence is proposed along Las Vegas Boulevard South to screen the plant from pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

Prior Land Use Requests

This is the site of the old Wet n Wild water theme park. Use permits UC-1927-03 (Palace of the Sea Resort) and UC-1699-02 (Voyager Resort) for resort hotels have previously been approved on this site without commencing either use.

Surrounding Zoning and Land Use

To the north is the Sahara Resort Hotel zoned H-1, and to the south are parcels also zoned H-1, recently approved for the Fontainebleau Resort Hotel and Turnberry Place. To the west across Las Vegas Boulevard South are parcels zoned H-1 for the Hilton Grand Vacation, the Sky Las Vegas, a mixed-use project in a U-V zone and several parcels in an H-1 zone approved for a resort hotel (Maxim). To the east across Paradise Road are the Turnberry Towers condominium development and the Las Vegas Hilton both in an H-1 zone. The subject parcel is within the Clark County Redevelopment Area.

Related Applications

UC-1430-06, a use permit for a resort hotel with a 1,888 foot high tower is scheduled to be heard by the Board of County Commissioners on July 18, 2007.


The applicant shall demonstrate that the proposed request meets the goals and purposes of Title 30.


Current Planning

Applications for temporary batch plants are typically supported by staff because they are in close proximity to the project site and alleviate the possibility of additional truck traffic on Valley roads. Staff can support the location of this particular temporary batch plant as long as the applicant maintains a pedestrian friendly environment along Las Vegas Boulevard South. Staff recommends that the proposed screen fencing along Las Vegas Boulevard South be placed behind any existing landscaping. In areas where the existing landscaping is not maintained the applicant shall re-establish the landscaping and/or provide temporary potted plants to enhance the area.

Civil Engineering

The applicant requests to maintain an on-site temporary batch plant to aid in the construction of the Fontainebleau Resort Casino. Currently, there is an existing batch plant located on parcel number 162-09-602-002; however, the location would be better suited for construction requirements if relocated to parcel number 162-09-602-001. As per the applicant, the majority of vehicles using the batch plant will remain on-site during construction, if they must leave or return to the site, it will be done by Paradise Road.

Staff Recommendation


If this request is approved, the Board and/or Commission finds that the application is consistent with the standards and purpose enumerated in the Comprehensive Plan, Title 30, and/or the Nevada Revised Statutes.


Current Planning

Fencing along Las Vegas Boulevard South to be placed behind any existing landscaping and shall be maintained by the applicant;

Where the existing landscaping is not maintained the applicant shall re-establish the landscaping and/or provide temporary potted plants to enhance the area;

All applicable standard conditions for this application type.

Applicant is advised that appropriate screening is allowed in conjunction with a screen fence per Title 30.08(Fence, 4); any change in circumstances or regulations may be justification for the denial of an extension of time; and that this application must commence within 2 years of approval date or it will expire.

Civil Engineering

Vehicular traffic for the batch plant facility to enter/exit from Paradise Road only;

No entering or exiting via Las Vegas Boulevard South;

Gates to remain open during business hours.




APPLICANT: Rinker Materials

CONTACT: Mickey Regan, Broadbent & Associates, Inc, 8 W. Pacific Avenue, Henderson, NV 89015

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