(TITLE 30)





DESIGN REVIEW for a public and private pedestrian bridge system on a portion of 34.7 acres in an H-1 (Limited Resort and Apartment) Zone in the MUD-1 Overlay District.

Generally located on the south side of Sands Avenue and the east and west sides of Koval Lane within Paradise. CG/am/dr/jw/kl





162-16-301-011; 162-16-710-020 & 021; 162-16-711-003 ptns


1. a. To reduce the front yard setback for portions of a private bridge system along Sands Avenue to 6 feet where 10 feet is required (a 40% reduction).

b. To allow for a reduction in setback to a public right-of-way for portions of the private bridge system along Sands Avenue to 6 feet where 10 feet is required (a 40% reduction).




Project Description

The plans are for a combination of a private/public bridge system that will connect the existing Sands Exposition Center, located on the southwest side of Sands Avenue and Koval Lane, with the future expansion area of the Sands Exposition and Convention Center that will be located on the south side of Sands Avenue immediately east of the existing Wynn Resort Employee Garage. The private section of the bridge will exit the second floor of the existing Sands Expo Center on the north facade, and move pedestrian traffic along the outside of the facade for a length of approximately 450 feet. The placement of the private sections of the pedestrian bridge do not extend either into or above the right-of-way of Sands Avenue, and at the closest point will be 6 feet from the property line. At this point, all remaining portions of the bridge as it approaches the southwest corner of the intersection of Sands Avenue and Koval Lane are public, with the bridge then passing over the existing roadways where it will pass under the Las Vegas Monorail lines. The public pedestrian bridge will then move east along the median of Sands Avenue approximately 130 feet where it will turn south across Sands Avenue and provide pedestrian access to the proposed Sands Exposition and Convention Center expansion. All of the betterment areas of the bridge system, meaning stairs, elevators, escalators, and pedestrian landing areas are considered part of the public portions of the bridge. In addition to pedestrian walkways, certain portions of the bridge will make use of travelators which are mechanized moving walkways similar to those used at McCarran International Airport. Consistent with the bridge agreement approved by the Board of County Commissioners (BCC) on March 20, 2007, the deck of the bridge is elevated 18 feet 2.5 inches above grade as it passes over rights-of-way, with a maximum height of the bridge being 29 feet 2.5 inches. As the bridge passes under the Las Vegas Monorail, a clearance area of 1 foot 10 inches is maintained, and a shielding system is incorporated into the bridge design in order to prevent pedestrian interference with the monorail lines. The design of the bridge makes use of a gray tinted spandrel glass system over a painted steel light metallic grey frame. Concrete escalator cores are used where necessary for the mechanical equipment associated with the bridge system. At the base of the bridge system along the south side of Sands Avenue, landscaping and decorative paving is being provided in the supplemental pedestrian area.

Prior Land Use Requests

UC-0059-06 was approved by the BCC in July 2006 for the expansion of the Sands Exposition and Convention Center with a condition for a pedestrian bridge system. DR-1157-04 was originally approved by the BCC in July 2004. UC-0072-04 was originally approved in June 2004 to redesign and expand the existing Venetian Resort Hotel with accessory uses, and conditions requiring the confirmation of parking spaces prior to the public hearing on the landscape plan, and landscaping to be a minimum of 20 feet wide along Sands Avenue with a 9 foot wide sidewalk unless the traffic study indicates otherwise. UC-1823-00 approved the final plans for an additional hotel tower for the current Venetian Resort Hotel located on the remaining southern 48.5 acre portion of this site. UC-1824-98 was approved on appeal by the BCC in January 1999 to establish the Gaming Enterprise District under SB 208 on the subject site. A variance (VC-2108-97) was approved to permit 840 on-site parking spaces and 1,062 off-site parking spaces in conjunction with the Sands Convention Center in order to satisfy parking agreements for the Convention Center once the Venetian Resort Hotel project was approved.

Surrounding Zoning and Land Use

Properties to the north across Sands Avenue and west across Las Vegas Boulevard South consist of the Wynn Las Vegas Resort Hotel, and the existing T.I. Resort Hotel zoned H-1. The existing H-1 zoned Fashion Show Mall is located to the northwest across the Las Vegas Boulevard South/Sands Avenue intersection. Existing portions of this development (the Venetian Resort Hotel and Sands Exposition Center) are located immediately south and east of this site. On the east side of Koval Lane is the Wynn Resort employee garage.


The applicant shall demonstrate that the proposed request meets the goals and purposes of Title 30.


Current Planning

The proposed private/public pedestrian bridge will provide pedestrian connections between the existing Sands Exposition Center and the future expansion of the center on the east side of Koval Lane. This bridge will perform the important function of separating pedestrians from traffic, thereby reducing conflict points for vehicular and pedestrian traffic at this busy intersection. The design of the bridge is in compliance with the agreement approved by the BCC, and also fulfills a condition of approval for a pedestrian bridge system per UC-0059-06.

Staff Recommendation


If this request is approved, the Board and/or Commission finds that the application is consistent with the standards and purpose enumerated in the Comprehensive Plan, Title 30, and/or the Nevada Revised Statutes.


Current Planning

Design review as a public hearing for significant changes to the plans;

All applicable standard conditions for this application type.

Applicant is advised that any change in circumstances or regulations may be justification for the denial of an extension of time; and that this application must commence within 2 years of approval date or it will expire.

Civil Engineering and Public Works

Mitigate congestion in the Sands Avenue and Koval Lane rights-of-way, permitting and traffic control approvals to be coordinated between Clark County Public Works and Clark County Development Services;

Concurrent construction of the Sands Pedestrian Bridge and the Wynn Resort Bridge will not be permitted within the public right-of-way;

Encroachment and right-of-way permits shall not be issued until the County is satisfied that the construction impacts to Sands Avenue and Koval Lane traffic and safety are adequately addressed;

All grants of easement for the Sands Pedestrian Bridge provided for in the Revocable License and Maintenance Agreement between Las Vegas Sands, LLC, Interface Group-Nevada, Inc., and the County dated March 20, 2007 to record prior to issuance of building permits;

Revise plans to show locations of easements provided for in the Revocable License and Maintenance Agreement between Las Vegas Sands, LLC, Interface Group-Nevada, Inc., and the County dated March 20, 2007, to confirm that facilities shown are within easements provided;

Revise plans to show the clear interior structure widths for the bridge sections with and without the travelator;

Revise plans to clearly depict the locations, elevations, and screening for HVAC equipment in the public right-of-way;

An airspace gap of 6 inches between the Wynn Resort Bridge and the Sands Pedestrian Bridge is unacceptable, the transition between the 2, independently supported structures must be provided in a manner acceptable to Department of Development Services and Department of Public Works and must be detailed in the drawings approved for encroachment permits;

Applicants plans to be reviewed and approved by Clark County Civil Engineering Division and Department of Public Works prior to issuance of encroachment permits;

A Sight Visibility Analysis shall be provided that confirms the bridges may be constructed with adequate traffic signal visibility both for the present condition and future intersection conditions, the Analysis must be provided and accepted by the County prior to the issuance of building permits;

Construct pedestrian barriers acceptable to Clark County, pedestrian barriers shall be completed as shown on the plan after the bridges are completed and accepted by the County, these pedestrian barriers shall not block north/south at-grade pedestrian traffic in the areas adjacent to the existing Sands Expo, all barriers shall be constructed to meet AASHTO roadside clearance criteria, and shall be located such that no barrier features are not within 18 inches of adjacent roadway pavement, barrier design shall contain removable elements at intersection points such that the barrier sections may be removed in the event of structure failure or other hazard to continued pedestrian use of the bridge facilities, a written emergency action plan shall be proposed by the Developer and accepted by Clark County to maintain at-grade pedestrian crossing in the event the pedestrian bridge is closed;

All bridge, walkway and related facilities to meet or exceed requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act;

Bridge and walkway, and stair design and stair width to provide a minimum Level of Service C, the walkway should be free of any obstacles that may hinder safe and efficient pedestrian flow, calculations shall be provided by the Developer that demonstrate the adequacy of pedestrian capacity afforded by the stairway and elevators, these calculations must be provided and accepted by the County prior to the issuance of building permits;

Clark County to conduct periodic review of easement area to verify the easement area is free of obstructions;

Any non-standard improvements within the right-of-way to require an execution of a License and Maintenance Agreement holding Clark County harmless;

Locations of pedestrian overpasses and pedestrian containment features to be coordinated with Regional Transportation Commission to limit the impact to existing and proposed CAT bus stops and bus turnouts;

Applicant to provide a traffic analysis of the proposed recommendations for accommodating pedestrian flow and vehicular traffic controls during construction of bridges and walkways;

Final construction documents, including plans and specifications, shall be submitted to Clark County Department of Development Services and the Department of Public Works for review and approval prior to the issuance of building permits, additional conditions may be imposed by these Departments in connection with the construction of this project;

No advertising signs are to be permitted within any of the easement areas.




APPLICANT: Las Vegas Sands, LLC and Interface Group-Nevada, Inc.

CONTACT: Greg Borgel, 300 S. 4th Street #1500, Las Vegas, NV 89101

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