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(TITLE 30)




USE PERMITS for the following: 1) a 7,400,000 square foot resort hotel/casino consisting of 5 up to 57 story towers and a total of 5,280 hotel rooms; 2) public areas including the casino, showrooms, live entertainment, shopping center, indoor and outdoor dining, entertainment, offices, convention, garden and recreational, back-of-house, and parking structures; 3) increase the height of the high-rise towers; 4) kitchens within the rooms; 5) associated accessory and incidental commercial uses, buildings, and structures; 6) a modular office complex; 7) a temporary batch plant; and 8) deviations from development standards.

DEVIATIONS for the following: 1) reduce on-site parking requirements; 2) reduce the height setback ratio adjacent to an arterial street (Desert Inn Road); 3) reduce the number of loading areas; 4) reduce the size of parking spaces (valet/tandem parking spaces only); 5) encroachment into airspace; 6) modified parking lot landscaping; and 7) all other deviations as shown per plans on file.

DESIGN REVIEWS for the following: 1) a resort hotel/casino and all associated and accessory uses; 2) hotel towers and associated low-rise and mid-rise buildings and structures; 3) low-rise and mid-rise buildings including retail, recreation, public and back-of-house areas; 4) water features; 5) temporary office complex; and 6) all other accessory and incidental buildings and structures on 88.1 acres in an H-1 (Limited Resort and Apartment) Zone in the MUD-1 Overlay District.

Generally located on the west side of Las Vegas Boulevard South, the east side of Industrial Road and the north side of Echelon Resort Drive within Winchester. CG/am/dr





162-09-402-002; 162-09-702-001; 162-09-303-001, 002, 003, & 007


1. Permit a resort hotel/casino with 5 up to 57 story towers.

2. Permit public areas including the casino, showrooms, live entertainment, shopping center, indoor and outdoor dining, entertainment, offices, convention, garden and recreational, back-of-house areas, and parking structures.

3. Increase the height of high-rise towers up to a maximum of 650 feet where 100 feet is the standard.

4. Permit kitchens within the rooms.

5. Permit all associated accessory and incidental commercial uses, buildings, and structures.

6. Permit a temporary modular office complex during construction with a total of 60,876 square feet of floor area.

7. Permit a temporary batch plant.

8. Permit all deviations from development standards.


1. a. Reduce on-site parking requirement from 13,872 parking spaces to 9,711 parking spaces (a 30% reduction).

b. Reduce the on-site parking requirement from 244 parking spaces to 200 spaces for the modular office complex (an 18% reduction).

2. Reduce the height setback ratios from Desert Inn Road as follows:

a. Reduce the 1:3 setback for the parking garage to 15 feet where 27 feet is required (a 45% reduction).

b. Reduce the 1:3 setback for the central plant to 15 feet where 40 feet is required, (a 62.5% reduction).

c. Reduce the 1:3 setback for the towers associated with the Morgans component to 60 feet where 125 feet is required, (a 52% reduction)

3. Reduce the number of loading spaces for the project from 84 loading spaces to 39 loading spaces (a 53% reduction).

4. a. Reduce the size of the parking spaces (valet/tandem parking only) to 8 feet where 9 foot wide spaces are required (an 11% reduction);

b. Allow for a 2 foot column intrusion where 1 foot is permitted.

5. Permit encroachment into the airspace.

6. Permit modified parking lot landscaping for all surface parking lot areas.

7. Permit all other deviations as shown per plans on file.




Project Description

The plans depict revisions to a previously approved resort hotel, Echelon Place, and include additional parcels that were not a part of the original request. The revised plans increase the hotel room count to 5,280 rooms with kitchens in rooms, where previously approved with 4,280 hotel rooms. The prior plan also included approval for 1,000 resort condominiums, which are now omitted with these revisions. The project still consists of two distinct and integrated components known as the Echelon and Morgan components with a number of high-rise towers connected with mid and low-rise buildings that contain the required, incidental, and accessory uses typically associated with a resort hotel. In addition to the approximately 7,400,000 square feet of building area, the parking structures are approximately 3,100,000 square feet resulting in a total of approximately 10,500,000 square feet of project area. Primary access to the site is from Las Vegas Boulevard South. Additional access to various areas of the site is provided from Industrial Road on the west property line, Echelon Resort Drive on the south property line, and from a proposed North Road on the north property line.

A pedestrian realm of up to 58 feet in width is provided along the Las Vegas Boulevard South frontage. Approximately 14 feet up to more than 20 feet of pedestrian realm is provided along the other three streets surrounding the site. The main parking structures are located on the southwestern portion of the site and constructed with pre-cast concrete panels with contrasting wainscoting accents at the base of the structures. The location of the central plant on the southwest portion of the site has remained unchanged from the prior approval, and is constructed with similar materials and colors as the parking structures. Additional parking is provided at subterranean levels of the site. An 85 foot wide roadway and 15 foot wide sidewalk is provided for Las Vegas Boulevard South which adds up to the 100 foot right-of-way, as required by the Transportation Element of the Comprehensive Plan to facilitate the transportation needs of the resort corridor. The 15 foot wide sidewalk is part of the pedestrian realm required along Las Vegas Boulevard South. The location of the North Road has been shifted north on the site based upon the inclusion of the additional parcels, and provides a connection between Industrial Road and Las Vegas Boulevard South. Landscaping, which includes a detached sidewalk and an intense landscape buffer are provided along the north side of the project site adjacent to the North Road.

The location of the temporary offices and construction trailers will be on the north side of the project site in the area shown on the site plan as future development. The temporary batch plant will be located on the east side of Industrial Road, approximately 950 north of Echelon Resort Drive.

Echelon Component.

This component includes a total of 3,537 hotel rooms within 3 towers. The Resort Tower is 650 feet high, the Shangri-La Tower is 442 feet high, and the Suite Tower is 542 feet high. This component anchors the entire site and is located on the north side of the site and consists of the elements required for a resort hotel. The Echelon podium is 110 feet high and will include 630,000 square feet of gaming areas, restaurant, and retail promenade, a 225,000 square foot, 4,000 seat performing arts center, a 65,000 square foot, 1,500 seat touring act theatre, and a 740,000 square foot convention center. Elevation plans depict a contemporary architectural design with the 3 high-rise towers constructed of steel and concrete columns and low reflective glass curtain wall systems. The low-rise and mid-rise buildings are designed to match and complement the design of the towers and finished with granite and marble accents with miscellaneous cast stone, metal, and glass accents. Two separate porte cocheres are provided along the proposed North Road to serve the Shangri-la and Suite Towers. A main porte cochere is depicted at the Las Vegas Boulevard South entry to the site serving the main portions of the resort and the Resort Tower. With this revision, the project now meets the height setback ratio for the Resort Tower from Las Vegas Boulevard South, but the need has arisen for a height setback ratio reduction for the low-rise and mid-rise structures on Echelon Resort Drive.

Morgan Component.

The Morgan Component consists of a total of 1,600 hotel rooms with kitchens. One thousand rooms are provided in the Mondrian Hotel, and 600 hotel rooms with kitchens in the Delano Hotel with both towers including associated recreational areas including spas, pools retail, and dining areas. This component is located on the southeastern portion of the site adjacent to Echelon Resort Drive and Desert Inn Road at heights of up to 474 feet and connected to the Echelon component by the low and mid-rise podium portions of the buildings. The towers are also located on a podium served by separate porte cocheres, with access from Echelon Resort Drive for both the Mondrian Hotel porte cochere, and the Delano Hotel porte cochere. According to the plans, the towers will consist of a glazed aluminum window/curtain wall system, and the podium will consist of an exterior insulating finish system with miscellaneous cast stone and metal accents, and include frameless glass and custom storefronts at entrances. A pedestrian realm is provided along the Las Vegas Boulevard South frontage, and wraps the corner of the site onto Echelon Resort Drive and continues onto those portions of Industrial Road where the resort has frontage with a detached sidewalk. The pedestrian realm areas include a detached sidewalk along Las Vegas Boulevard South, which includes extensive landscaping and several fountains/water features on Las Vegas Boulevard South.

Two fountains are located on Las Vegas Boulevard South, one at the main port-cochere and the second at the retail mall entrance on the northwest corner of Las Vegas Boulevard South and Echelon Resort Drive. Two additional fountains are provided at the entrance points to the porte-cochere adjacent to the 3 hotels on the north side of the site. The total area of the proposed water features are approximately 4,000 square feet where Title 30 allows for up to 26,000 square feet of water features in association with a resort hotel of this size. A 30% reduction in parking is requested which is justified by an analysis provided by a competent professional as required by code. The final determination from the Federal Aviation Administration for the approved height of the high-rise buildings was submitted with the application.

Prior Land Use Requests

The approximately 50 acre portion of this site is currently developed with the Stardust Hotel. UC-1286-06 was approved by the Board of County Commissioners in November 2006 for the construction of Echelon Place Resort. PRS-0092-06 was the pre-application conference for this request. TM-0200-06 was a one lot commercial tentative map application associated with Echelon Place which received approval from the Planning Commission (PC) in June 2006, with NFM-0270-06 being the associated final map which is now in process. SC-0291-06 was a street name change request approved by the PC in April 2006 changing the name of Stardust Road to Echelon Resort Drive. Numerous other land use applications associated with the Stardust Resort Hotel exist for this property.

Surrounding Zoning and Land Use

To the north, east, and south are developed H-1 zoned properties. To the west across Industrial Road are developed M-1 zoned properties.


The applicant shall demonstrate that the proposed request meets the goals and purposes of Title 30.


Current Planning

The additional parcels added to this development site, combined with the fact that the total square footage of the project being reduced, has resulted in a less intensive project, but one that is definitely appropriate and compatible with adjacent land uses. The height setback reductions from Desert Inn Road were measured from the setback line of the parcel which lies behind Echelon Resort Drive. This is due to the fact that Echelon Resort Drive parallels this portion of the Desert Inn Road Super Arterial, and the setback, according to Title 30, is measured from the private property line. Because of this, in reality, if the setback could have been measured from Desert Inn Road, the project would meet the standard. Staff finds that with the intrusions occurring at a height of 50 feet above grade for the parking garage and central plant, and higher than 200 feet for the Morgans components, the reduction will not negatively impact the surrounding area and are acceptable. A condition of approval from the original application, UC-1286-06 for a separate design review for the Morgans component, is satisfied with this application as the architectural detailing has been provided.

Department of Aviation

The development will penetrate the 100:1 notification airspace surface. Therefore, as required by 14 CFR Part 77, and Section 30.48.120 of the Clark County Unified Development Code, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) must be notified of the proposed construction or alteration. More importantly, the development will penetrate the Part 77 airspace surface (Airport Airspace Overlay District), as defined by Section 30.48.100 of the Clark County Unified Development Code. Therefore, as required by Section 30.16.210(12)(D) of the Clark County Unified Development Code, final action cannot occur until the FAA has issued an airspace determination and the Department of Aviation has reviewed the determination.

Staff Recommendation


If this request is approved, the Board and/or Commission finds that the application is consistent with the standards and purpose enumerated in the Comprehensive Plan, Title 30, and/or the Nevada Revised Statutes.


Current Planning

Design review as a public hearing for significant changes to the plans;

Pedestrian realm per plans along Las Vegas Boulevard South, Echelon Resort Drive, and the North Road and Industrial Road;

All applicable standard conditions for this application type.

Applicant is advised that the project shall comply with requirements of Title 30.64.060 (Water Features); approval of this use permit only approves any relaxed standards that depart from the development and improvement standards required by Title 30 provided such relaxed standards completely comply with the approved plans on file; approval of this application does not constitute or imply approval of a liquor or gaming license or any other County issued permits, licenses, or approvals; signage is not a part of this application; any change in circumstances or regulations may be justification for the denial of an extension of time; and that this application must commence within 2 years of approval date or it will expire.

Civil Engineering

Compliance with UC-1165-06 and UC-1286-06.

Department of Aviation

No building permits shall be released for the project prior to the Department of Aviation notifying Zoning Plan Check that the applicant has received all necessary airspace approvals;

Applicant is required to file a valid FAA Form 7460-1, "Notice of Proposed Construction or Alteration" with the FAA, in accordance with 14 CFR Part 77, or submit to the Director of Aviation a "Property Owner's Shielding Determination Statement" and request written concurrence from the Department of Aviation;

If applicant does not obtain written concurrence to a Property Owner's Shielding Determination Statement, then applicant must also receive either a Permit from the Director of Aviation or a Variance from the Airport Hazard Areas Board of Adjustment (AHABA) prior to construction as required by Section 30.48 Part B of the Clark County Unified Development Code.

Applicant is advised that the FAA's determination is advisory in nature and does not guarantee that a Director's Permit or an AHABA Variance will be approved.




APPLICANT: Echelon Resorts LLC

CONTACT: Greg Borgel, 300 S. 4th Street #1500, Las Vegas, NV 89101

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