The Clark County Fire Department accepts both residential and business fire hazard complaints from the public. When filing a complaint, it is important to keep a few important things in mind:
  • Complaints should be of a serious nature only.
  • The Clark County Fire Clark Department handles complaints directly related to fire hazard.
  • Complaints on issues such as trash, debris, inoperative motor vehicles, outside storage, dry vegetation, weed abatement, parking, illegal structures, walls and fences, trash containers and enclosures, carports and shade structures, commercial equipment, swimming pools, signs, and sheds should be addressed to the Clark County Public Response Office (Phone Number: 702-455-4191).
  • Complaints on issues such as electrical hazards, work being done without permit, unsafe structure caused by fire damage and unsafe structure by property being abandoned should be addressed to the Clark County Development Services Department (Phone Number: 702-615-0799).
  • For matters unrelated to property concerns, citizens should contact the appropriate County Department.
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